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My dream is to continue helping mission-driven, serviced-based entrepreneurs feel confident and proud of their online presence by providing professionally tailored branding that  

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My goal is to perfectly capture, define, and illustrate the essence of your business so you can stress less about your online presence, and show up confidently every day while you focus on the work you love & growing your business.

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My real name is Axelle, but you can call me Ax.
I am a brand & website designer, who is passionate about helping mission-driven, service-based entrepreneurs stand out from the crowd with professionally tailored branding for their website, social media, and online presence.

Call me Ax


I arrived in Toronto, Canada about 6 years ago from a small island in the Caribbean. I didn’t have much to my name, but life somehow brought me on a path to discover what dreaming big was all about.

In my heart, I always knew I wanted to start my own business so I could help others flourish, especially within the African American community. Despite not having many connections, I quickly learned how important networking was and that soon led to many (earned, not given) collaborations and open doors. 

At the start of my entrepreneurship journey, I volunteered and worked odd jobs to pay the bills while I did what I loved on the side (graphic and web design). Eventually, it led to several referrals.

To the pursuit of happiness

Years ago I fell in love with Branding during an internship for a small family-owned business in Paris. I loved the process and seeing the finished product that perfectly matched the essence of their business and what the family represented.

Later after I moved to Canada, I was later offered a job as a graphic and web designer in a big corporate environment. I didn’t believe I was qualified (and I wasn’t fully) but they decided to give me a chance.

After time spent establishing myself through word of mouth and referrals from clients. I officially registered my business and started to promote what I love to do.

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Over the years, I’ve been lucky to work with hundreds of clients who shaped the business I own today. Grateful for the success I’ve helped so many businesses achieve, all I want is to perpetuate what was given to me: opportunities. 


rise and drive growth



acts as your digital storefront. It leads ideal clients to you when they can quickly understand and assess if they are in the right place and you are the expert they need. It needs to visually communicate who you are and what you do with branding that is perfectly made for you and your business. 

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is your chance to network and connect with an endless potential clientele – worldwide. Keeping the visual representation of you and your business consistent is a key factor to successful networking, and growing your business.

I’m fully committed to strategically helping you
drive growth and not drive people away.

Are you ready to have the business you dream of?



Makes for an easy transition from potential to an actual — client. It also saves you a ton of time from doing things manually such as sending a welcome email to your new client! Or, making it easy for people to connect with you, or pay for the services you offer. Your client experience is as important as the services you offer.

My expertise gives me the chance to fulfill my passion for helping mission-driven service-based businesses like yours rise above the competition and thrive. 

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