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How to launch your website like a pro

Featuring 9 different ways to promote your business effectively. If you want to find out more about the kind of launch to choose, and how to drive traffic to your website and eventually get leads, this is for you!

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What’s a website launch and why should you do it

Value-added launches

The first type of launch is the value-added experience; you add value and sell a program at the end. For example, live masterclasses, webinars, and free workshops. If you want to engage with followers, the most potent way is to promote organically. If you’re going to scale your business, use ads to attract new audiences.

Soft Launches

When using soft launches, everything is planned and announced months ahead. To do so, you should share daily about the process and create a teasing mood without being too upfront.

Hard Launches

Hard launches are usually last-minute. The goal here is to emphasize the urgency, by communicating a deadline or not much capacity left.

9 different ways to promote your business

1. Use a press release to spotlight your brand

Publishers are always on the lookout for insightful and interesting articles about a topic where you can position yourself as an expert. Not only will you see your name in the lights, but it may also start a dialogue with potential partners or clients.

2. Highlight your expertise with a podcast

With a podcast, you have the chance to discuss hot topics and current trends with fellow experts. If it may sound similar to a press release, the main goal is to reach out to a new audience. Indeed, some people prefer to listen rather than read a text. That’s the very reason why a podcast is one of the best ways to extend your audience in the long run. By positioning yourself as an expert, your audience will be more likely to trust you. One more thing about podcasts: consistency is key! I advise you to have at least 5 episodes before launch.

3. Write a blog post just like this one

You can also promote your business with a blog; if done correctly, it can drive traffic to your website and increase your sales. Business blogging provides numerous benefits that help you reach your ideal customer. For better results, include some Call-to-Actions (CTA) like a newsletter sign-up or a link to your contact page.

4. Captivate your audience by giving keynotes

Today, we are surrounded by videos of inspiring entrepreneurs who share some key points about business or self-care, and they turn it into an immersive experience for the audience. Have you ever felt like you agree with a TED speaker? When acting as a keynote speaker, you should convey this feeling to your audience. Here’s an example of a TEDx talk with Keisha Brewer on Communication:

What you can learn from Keisha:

  • Interact with your audience regularly

  • Explain the topic

  • Use visuals

  • Define terms

  • Use various examples

5. Foster insightful conversations in your industry, with panels

A panel is a place where a group of people discusses a topic in front of an audience. It’s similar to a Keynote, except you’re not alone on stage. A panel is a place to share your expertise with others while helping your target solve their problems. Once your audience sees how knowledgeable you are, they will be more likely to reach out; because they see YOU as the best service provider for the job.

6. Build a community on Social Media

Through Twitter, the launching of Noname was a big hit. As you probably know already, Noname, is a generic brand of everyday food and household products, created by Loblaws. For their first appearance on social media ever, they chose Twitter. Their first tweet was “I am a brand. Follow me” illustrated with “tweet” in black Helvetica letters on a yellow background. Short, intriguing, and efficient. They keep promoting via tweeter using puns and sarcasm. It became one of the most talked-about Canadian brands in 2019.


With short content on Social Media, you will build engagement via posts, testimonials, or ads. Choose long content to establish yourself as an expert, with an e-book, case studies, or even infographics.

7. Scale your business by using Ads

When thinking about promotion, advertisement comes to mind first. Even though it’s known mainly for building awareness from a new audience, it must be used wisely with a deep analysis on how to convert prospects clicking on the ad. When conducting ads campaign, keep in mind that each person will not respond the same way. By analyzing the data, you will manage to adapt your ads campaign to match your clients' habits. The goal is a better conversion rate.

8. Email marketing

In the age of TikTok, Messenger apps, and Snapchat, you might think that email is dead and buried. However, it is still the most effective way to reach your audience. Email converts at a higher rate and delivers a higher ROI than most new channels like Instagram or Twitter. Companies that use email marketing have an average return of 42 $ for every dollar invested, or an ROI of 4,200%.

Nando’s wanted to update their email list, so they launched a massive email campaign with the help of The email company. Which allowed them to clean their database while promoting the brand.

Reach your target audience with an intelligent SEO

To get your business discovered, you’ll have to strategically position your business in search engines like Google using intelligent search engine optimization (SEO). Think about the keywords that a potential customer might use to try and discover your business.

To ensure potential clients can find you with ease, you’ll want to draft a list of keywords

relevant to your industry, your services, and your business location.

3 different ways to get leads

Now that you have some inspiration on the type of launch you want to do and the means to make your project come to life, it’s time to make your website work for you. There are several ways to do so, depending on availability, budget and communication preferences.

Lead magnet

A lead magnet will help you get contact details; you can easily collect data like a name and even a phone number. Those data are crucial to reaching out to your potential customers, but there’s more. You will be able to find out more about the needs of the individuals who download your content.


Two types of collaboration are possible if you start a new business or want to gain visibility from a specific group. You can team up with another entrepreneur or collaborate with an influencer. For example, below are Instagram posts of the collaboration between MakeUp for Melanin Girls (MFMG) and Eloho (@iam_eloho), a beauty influencer. Make-up companies are not known for being inclusive, but MFMG is working to change that by proposing a wide range of make-up, paraben-free and cruelty-free, for BIPOC consumers. You should note that both ways will help you reach a new audience.

Share your expertise with a Masterclass

When offering a masterclass, you are more likely to get leads that will convert. The individuals who will sign up with all their personal information are either interested in the topic and want to hear a different point of view, or already know you. You should focus on the people who don’t know you yet.

How to sell your website with a launch strategy

What’s your Ideal Launch day like?

On the day your website launches, you should expect a lot of traffic. To make sure that you get in touch with potential customers, you want your visitors to:

  • Spend time reading your content.

  • Subscribe to your newsletter

  • Share your website with others

  • Engage on your website and leave comments and/or reviews.

  • Get a perspective on what's coming next

Step 1: Defining your customer journey

The customer journey can seem simple at first, but you really have to put yourself in your client’s shoes. All of their reactions must be anticipated. What will be their first impression of the offer? How is it similar to other services? In short, the hesitation and concerns that can arise.

Step 2: Be consistent!

Your potential client should know that you are launching a service at all times. Building suspense by teasing is key, and it is only possible if you are consistent.

Step 3: Acquire, Nurture and Sell

If you practice all the best tactics to generate leads, you will gain many. However, the acquisition is not the end of the journey; you must nurture your leads by sending personalized emails and offering valuable content like a webinar or masterclass. You must establish a relationship with the customer and increase lead quality to convert them into customers.

Launch checklist

Once you have developed all three steps, you can start your launching. Having an efficient launch organization is one of the key success factors. It is better to use a checklist to keep track of your launching process. It will help you prepare for every outcome and to be consistent for a successful launch. You should find many checklists online but I’ve made a special one for you 👉🏽 The Success Launch Checklist

Now that you have all the elements in your hand, there is only one thing left:



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