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The Brand Moodboard Template & Guide - Part 1

How to Choose Colors + Inspiration Photos That Match Your Business - perfectly!

Let’s get started!

Step 1: Get clear on your brand’s why, mission, vision, values and target audience.

You may already have this part done, but if you don’t I have a great brand strategy questionnaire to help you out! Even if you do, reflecting on this can help get the creative process going for the next steps.

You need to clearly outline your why, mission, visions, values, and target audience.

When you drive your business with this clarity, how you resonate with your ideal customer changes, and your online presence and confidence altogether change too.

When done right, you not only come across with a competitive edge, you build trust, recognition and that is what leads you to work with clients instead of turning them away.

If you don’t have it figured out (yet) you can start right here with my Brand strategy questionnaire.

Step 2: List your brand’s personality traits

Start to think of your brand as a person. What are they like? Are they shy or social, excited or calm, bold or simple? Think of all the words that you would associate with your brand’s personality and list them out. This will help you to tap into the feeling you want to get when interacting with your brand.

Step 3: Once you select your brand’s personality traits, you can look for inspiration photos that represent those traits, have ideal colors you like, texture you are looking for or scenes that you feel inspire your identity and what you do.

Pro tip: My favourite easy & free to use images sources:

*P.S. save the photos as a favorite but don’t go on to purchase them if they have royalties or fees, because they will not be used on your website. It is only to generate ideas.

Great job !

I'll be back in your inbox for the next steps soon 🤩


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