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The Brand Moodboard Template & Guide - Part 2

How to Choose Colors + Inspiration Photos That Match Your Business - perfectly!

Remember how colors can evoke certain feelings within us?

Now it’s time to make the connection between your brand’s personality traits and colors.

Step 4: Choose colors that are right for your brand – not necessarily your favorite colors. (Be sure they reflect step #3)

This is your brand, after all! Which colors feel most aligned with you, your brand, and your mission? Remember that you can play around with the various shades and tones to get it just right.

Pro tip: Use this color psychology chart for inspiration!

Note: If you choose colors that are bright colors such as yellow, red or bright green for your brand, but your words are elegant, luxury - these colors wouldn’t make sense for your brand.

Pro tip: If the colors from your images are what truly work for your brand, then upload one of your photos in Canva Color Palette Generator and it will generate the colors for you.

If it is not spot on, then take a step further and use the color generator in Canva.

The color generator will provide you with a color code, known as a #HEX number. It will only be suitable for Web use not for print.

Step 5: Insert your chosen colors into the moodboard template using the #Hex color code.

You can copy this template multiple times, so get creative here. No need for perfection right away! I suggest making various copies with different color combinations until you find one that feels right.

Step 6: Save your moodboard for future reference

Save this final version of your moodboard to refer to whenever you create branded content. If you have a team who helps you with design, this will be great to share with them.


You have completed the first step to recreating your perfect brand identity.

Share your moodboard!

Tag me in your IG story and let me know when you are done!

Each month I select a moodboard to win 10% off any one of my done-for-you services.


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